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Letter from Edmonton — the power of focused intention…

Letter from Edmonton — the power of focused intention…

Namaste beautiful reader.

If you are wondering about it, one interpretation of Namaste is: “I honour the divine that is in you- the same spirit that is in Me.”  I often say “namaste om.” By this I mean- “I honour the divine that is in you, and at the same time I say and remind you of the sound of god.”

As the OpenSource Healing Team has been sharing, I am currently visiting Edmonton as part of a Fringe Festival show called Greener Than Thou.  I’m stage managing an amazing show written and performed by Mark Leiren-Young and directed by TJ Dawe.  I am learning so much!  It is joyous.

I am also open to grace — and requests, and interesting connections.  If you’d like a reading or would be interested in a meditation session or healing work,  I would be honoured to assist.  I am still available for readings through Skype, for any friends who are not in Edmonton — you can book through my schedule online.

I will admit that while traveling with an eco-show to the Edmonton Fringe Festival, I have been a bit nervous about our reception.  I have heard so much about the Tar Sands and have focused very much on having no judgement or expectations about what the people here are like or how they will receive a green message.

And since I have arrived here in Edmonton, I have been truly grateful, inspired, thankful and humbled by the incredible community, and I am having a ball meeting so many wonderful new friends.  Edmonton, much to my amazement and deep joy, has a powerful community of people focused on living sustainable lifestyles, and several businesses have proudly told me about their green policies. Or simply shown me they are evolving by the way they package their food, or provide services.

I’m honoured and truly awed by the accomplishments here.  For Example, Sustainival. My request today would be for positive energy to be sent here to me in Edmonton and to audiences coming to see our show.  Some of the information is painful or difficult to hear, the words and stories are offered to assist with transforming and creating change in the world.  Today someone who watched the show informed us not to “go to easy on Albertans” because they actually own the tar sands and have the power to make changes.  And the artist speaking the words, Mr. Mark could also use positive energy and your support and love 🙂

Here’s a quick grounding exercise for you: Tonight, tomorrow, today, wherever you are and whenever you are reading this, please take a moment to stop whatever you are doing. Take a deep breath. Fill your lungs with air and feel your heartbeat.   Feel your feet on the floor.  Wiggle your toes.  Look around. Listen to the sounds around you.

Thank yourself for being here, and recognize the divine with you. Until next time,

Namaste Om.

With Love from Tav Rayne.

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