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11/11/11 The Day to End all Wars? – Part two

11/11/11 The Day to End all Wars? – Part two

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To Recap- a few weeks ago I started a post about whether or not 11/11/11 would be the day to end all wars- and having talked about the numerology, I’d like to come back to this:


Being in 2000, we’ve moved into the time about partnerships and love and collaboration numerologically- and intimate connections- out of a time of individuation and personal responsibility being the focus.  But if you look at this as an example of how the numbers work- leadership in the past 1000 years has not been exactly what you’d call positive- it’s been a mix.

There’s been a growth in selfishness and ego-driven behaviour that has driven us to the edge of extinction numerous times, where individuals obsessed with being number one have tried to take over at all costs.  And as we’ve concluded the last 1000 we’ve also seen some of the worst possible consequences of a negative one mentality.

We may have become so obsessed with the ideal of being the One, or finding the One or the One returning that we’ve stopped being self-responsible to a certain extent or socially conscious- going with pack mentality to be liked and to gain political advantage or status while we look for that “perfect” person, or saviour or job or …(fill in the blank).

The truth is that the numerology of these first years in 2000 is astonishing, and we are living in a remarkable time of transformation and change.  We’ve crossed over a point of no return into a new world, energetically and spiritually and mentally.  The physical needs to catch up still but it’s coming. There is always a time of expanding into and of determining what the new experience will be like in any growth spurt.

We are all choosing that right now- we are voting for the outcome with our choices, what we focus on, what we eat, what we read and watch and share with each other, how we treat each other, what we throw away, who we support and cultivate relationships with, what kind of behaviour we reward, how we take care of ourselves, each other and the planet.

I believe that we can change our world and create peace in this generation- that anything is possible. We have the technology and intelligence and brilliance and ability to solve all of our pressing problems, if we could only deal with the psychology and conditioning and our current ways of behaving with and treating each other. It might sound naive- but we really do have all of the information and tools we need, and as we shift our perspectives more and more we gather and are able to connect the dots with each other- Kiva is a wonderful example of this.

It’s why I devote time to assisting Rain for the Planet.

Eleven is about integral leadership above all else – if we all choose to act towards the goal of peace on earth I think anything is possible.  Many of us have work to do around being leaders- around choosing to step up, speak out and be powerful and true to our beliefs in the world.  If many leaders from the people, en masse, choose world peace as their priority above all else and there is a large scale coordinated non-violent sit-in in malls across the world or in stadiums or in front of TV stations it might be possible to change. There are many possibilities every day.


The unbelievably contagious and destructive belief many of us hold onto comes in several different flavours of mythology depending on your preference, which is that we will be forced to be peaceful, feed the hungry, solve climate change and eradicate all disease by an outside force which could include

a) the return of Jesus

b) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

c) getting coal from Santa until we decide to do good

d) the flying spaghetti monster

e) aliens

f) reptilian aliens

g) the anti-christ

h) world leaders who are peace-loving

i) mature politicians

j) reptilian politicians

and other unique mythologies.

Personally I’m holding out hope that the TMNT will kick some serious butt and work hand in hand with the flying spaghetti monster and the cast of sesame street to solve the worlds problems and then the Snuffalupagous will be revealed to really really exist, honestly and truly. Adults everywhere will be shocked and awed and create shrines in his name and fluffy likeness and sing songs with sherpas while the new rage becomes getting a surgically enhanced trunk and NOT shaving any body hair.   At this moment it seems more realistic than having our world leaders come to any consensus that will serve the planet as a whole.

Short of that, I think we might have to fix things ourselves.  Cause if you think about it, if there is a flying dude in the sky and he…

or they…

or she…

or it …



comes back- they are probably going to be pretty pissed.

We haven’t exactly been taking care of the house while they’ve been away have we?   Wouldn’t it be better if we could get the world ready for visitors?

You know, like if you’re mom’s coming to visit- you hide the sex toys, clean up the mess, throw out the mouldy pizza boxes and vacuum so it doesn’t look like a renegade criminal lives in your place.  (Well, I have seen your place dude, and I seriously hope you do that stuff before your mom comes over- and hide the drugs- she’s not as young as she used to be.)

Because it might not be aliens- but what does happen is that if we can not choose to change than the universe gets tired and pushes us into action through crisis.  Many people travel through life from crisis to crisis never really coming to a place of true inner peace.  It took me a very long time to see and fully understand this in my own life and how my actions contributed to chaos.  And it wasn’t aliens that set me free.  It was me. I became aware and then chose to make small changes and pursue growth and mentors who could teach me how to evolve as a person.

Even better, wouldn’t it be incredible if we just got the place ready for ourselves- because we like living in a nice house, and actually want to share with our roommates and help them out and have fun living with them instead of always eating their food out of the fridge, making them sleep on the floor and stealing their lunch money?

Any day could be the day we end all wars if we, around the planet, choose it to be- if we could choose leadership instead of looking for external answers and embrace values like unconditional positive regard


and love for each other, and acceptance of diverse beliefs.  If we could grow together and fear each other less.  Sure 11/11/11 could be it.  But so could next week- I care more about what we, you and I, are doing about this right now.

The creator gave us the right to choose.  It means that we have a responsibility to act in our own world to create the changes that we know to be the right ones- even when they are hard and require risks.  Great Spirit asked us not to worship anyone or anything that wasn’t the Isness.  God asked us to love and care for ourselves and each other and the world we were given. He specifically said, don’t give your power to others.

He really really did.

Go back and read the book- LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND SOUL AND MIND- DO NOT WORSHIP ANY OTHER GODS BEFORE ME.  He created us in his image, said, love comes first, and called us creators as he was. If you believe any of the many religions, his spirit has been born on the planet in human form and walked among us as a Man or Woman possibly many different times, and we are all part of god.

If 11:11 is the day to end wars- it will be because we choose it- en masse- and because we work together collectively.  Period.   We are the change we have been waiting for.

But just in case we aren’t enough to solve the problem I have a back-up plan.

Help Me Ask Santa for World Peace.

This is a little facebook campaign and fan page developed by the special folks at Rain For the Planet. The hope is that maybe if we are all promise to be really really good this year…. and enough of us ask for the same thing we’ll get it.

So if you have a video of yourself asking Santa for world peace, or a comment please post there!  You can write a letter to Santa asking for world peace. 🙂

Namaste Om


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