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Tav’s Travel Notes: TIFF NOTE #1, Sat. Sept 8, 2012. @TIFF_NET @J0HNNYDepp

Tav’s Travel Notes: TIFF NOTE #1, Sat. Sept 8, 2012. @TIFF_NET @J0HNNYDepp

**Note to Readers… this is my travel diary.  I might be a bit cheeky, or cranky at points.

Friday night and Saturday afternoon TIFF reflections.  

Well, Snoop Dogg is now officially Snoop Lion, has identified himself as the Reincarnation of Bob Marley, and he’s dropped the guns for peace.  Hallelujah.

Spring Rolls at the Eaton’s Center has all you can eat Sushi, Pad Thai and other nummy treats.  Well worth the trip 😉 I am finding it is easier to be Vegetarian in Toronto than I thought it might be. And grateful, so grateful.

Hemingways is still a great place to have a party.

Yonge Street Near the Eaton’s center is now filled with beautiful little street areas to drink, eat and be merry.  Wondering if they took a page from Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson’s book and the Granville street downtown corridor.   Not to worry if that’s the case, there will be unhappy drivers in Toronto too.  Seems unlikely though to be a green initiative with Rob Ford as mayor.

Friday night they were filming Nikita at the Sutton Place Hotel.  Then it rained- HARD.  I had to remind myself I was in Toronto NOT Vancouver as I ran for cover. 🙂

Oh yes, and if you are a friend and want to hang out.  Tweet/message/email me or something already 😉

In other news, I discoverd that TD Bank Is a Black Hole of Time and Money.  It’s a long story.  Basically they refused to cash a cheque written from their bank. It’s not personal, they refuse to cash all cheques written from their bank unless you are a member or are willing to certify the cheque- and then they won’t cash the cheque you will still have to go back to your bank.  It’s a dumb policy.  I am so glad I bank with Royal Bank. 🙂

On the way to said bank, I ran into a Jesus parade.  Yes, Really.

Not sure how much more literal about money as the root of evil you can get than an entire parade of people blocking your path to the bank as they sing about being saved from the devil.

In addition to and also eclipsing all of this and everything else that has ever happened FOR EVER AND FOR ALL TIME Johnny Depp was on the Red Carpet Today.

<insert screaming and hordes of fans here>

Then he and I grabbed some Sushi and headed to his secret hideaway to talk about the meaning of life and how he was going to cast me in his next movie.

Well…. he WAS on the red carpet anyway.  Sigh.


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