Tav’s Travel Notes: TIFF Talkback for “Love is All You Need” and thoughts on when love is not enough…..

Tav’s Travel Notes: TIFF Talkback for “Love is All You Need” and thoughts on when love is not enough…..

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Technically this post “should” be about the amazing Gala for Love is All You Need.  But another situation has come up as I have been writing, which speaks to such a fundamental lacking of love, that I feel I must comment on it.  Namaste


In Response to tragedy this week: At this moment, I am thinking that in Lybia, more than love may be required.

A comment on the death of the US Ambassador in Lybia.  I am sending Reiki energy and wishes for peace, and comfort and caring for the families of the three individuals who died.

I feel such sadness about this event, that we still live in a world where these things are possible.

I believe with all of my heart that ultimately we are all connected by the same force- that we have different ways/languages of expressing this, of explaining it and of achieving it, but that we are all reaching for the same mountaintop.   There are many many paths to get there.  When differences in opinion lead to death, I feel great sadness.  Because we are capable of so much more than this, both individually and collectively.  We are capable of miracles and of transcending our limitations and our differences in ways that are not only ingenious and brilliant and creative, but which solve problems we haven’t even thought of yet at the same time.  But having a seed of potential is not enough.  We must also grow, not only as individuals, but as cultures and people of the world —- together.

There are no “right” or “good” words to speak about this event.  There is only sadness, and empathy and a profound and deep deep hope for healing.  There are no words of judgement that I can, or want to give about who was right or who caused this….. just a deep acknowledgement that several extreme religious groups have collided in their desire to attack or prove a point and that now three people who had nothing to do with these extreme ideas are dead because of it.  That in our media I am seeing that these extremists are not only from far away, but also close- here at home.  There is no “enemy” here, other than what we ourselves choose to do in response to this, because responding extremely results in more extreme responses.

We are all a reflection of each other.  And so here, now, today I am asking myself what I can do to express more love, light and positive wellbeing into the world.    President Obama has truly handled the situation with compassion and grace.  Thank you.

To you, Reader, thank you for your prayers wherever you are, and for your compassion and for your committment to healing our world.  I thank you. I bless you.  I honour you.  I send love.


Now on to Pierce Brosnan… er, I mean “Love is All You Need”, the film Directed by Susanne Biers.

See Pics Here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/talkingrayne/sets/72157631531777766

Read about the Film Here:  http://tiff.net/filmsandschedules/tiff/2012/loveisallyouneed

Talkback Video will go Here:

TIFF Says This:  Pierce Brosnan, Trine Dyrholm and Paprika Steen star in this sparkling romantic comedy from Academy Award® winner Susanne Bier (Brothers, In a Better World), about two very different families brought together for a wedding in a beautiful old Italian villa.  Read more at www.tiff.net.

This film has taken some knocks for being romantic and light.  And the story does start in an interesting place.  Rather than showing up while the main character, Ida played by the ravishing and luminent Trine Dyrholm is fighting for her life (she has been diagnosed with cancer), the film begins in the moment that she’s being given a clean bill of health.

I love romantic movies and books.  I believe there is never enough love in the world.  And at a festival where Judge Dredd is playing and the cult of the celebrity is at its most powerful, I love that there is a romantic film that is for those of us who don’t enjoy the new trend of actors peeing on each other (link to zac efron, nicole kidman).

I felt that it was lighter than much of the fare offered, but it did look at a fairly serious situation and treat it with love and kindness.  There is some lovely character acting, and it follows a solid and well structured romantic story arc.  There may be challenges, but we get where we want to go in the end.  The scenery is gorgeous and perfect.  The movie has subtitles.  And not all issues are addressed and wrapped up in a simple and easy ending.

All in all it’s a sweet, thoughtful look at a woman’s rebirth as she is completing her healing journey.  Healing, of any kind, can be a terribly painful and frightening experience at times.   I especially appreciate the way her fear of remission is conveyed and how the actress can speak of universes with her eyes.  There are some beautiful moments where you see the beauty of her inner nature (when Ida is without her wig that she has to wear because of chemo she is at her most beautiful)

As for the talkback, it was a surreal experience. I have a terrible sense of humour at times and I found myself resisting the urge to put up my hand and ask “Pierce, why don’t you ever call?” or “When are you going to cast me in your next movie?” Because honesly, isn’t that what so many women in the room were thinking??  Pierce Brosnan spoke very graciously about TIFF as a festival.

Now, this isn’t my first Talkback, or my first experience in the presence of a star, but I was very excited about seeing him in person.   I have a special place in my heart for Bond men. 🙂  And my very own personal romantic hero, my beautiful blissful one took me to see the movie.

So if you are looking for a serious film, this may not be for you.  If you are interested in a classy romance that is graceful and entertaining, I would recommend it.   If you go with an open heart it will give you a gift.

UP Next;  Midnight’s Children Talkback and comment followed by coverage of TIFF parties at which my name was actually on the guest list 😉

NOTE: Due to upload issues video will be added at a later date.  Mahalo.

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