TIFF Travel Notes and A Moment for Meditation: Saturday September 15, 2012

TIFF Travel Notes and A Moment for Meditation: Saturday September 15, 2012

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For my Toronto Friends, come to my workshop on the 19th!!  Healing 101 will be a great experience.  Positive, powerful and with great tools to take home for how to clear blocks and activate your inner potential, or get more in tune with your inner rhythm so you can figure out what it is you do want.

Learn how to get clear and remove blocks standing in your way. Whether you are dealing with chronic pain, illness, or looking to release emotion, reach a new level or break an old pattern, healing work can benefit you.

Awareness is the first step towards change.  You are powerful!  Here’s a link to the info.  The workshop is limited to  35 people, so please RSVP to make sure you have a seat.

At Origo Books Website

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If you attend I am also giving a 10% off discount on sessions the day of the event.  So don’t miss out!  I offer online/video chat sessions as well as in person ones.  If you are ready to make changes in your life, I am here to support real meaningful growth and shifts.



Now having said that, I’d love to share a beautiful and powerful meditation with you.  You can watch the meditation here:

And Now On To TIFF:

I’ll be back with more news from TIFF, photos and stories about my adventures on Monday.

Topics to be covered include: Midnight’s Children, God Loves Caviar, Revolution Save the Humans Party and film, Films I want to see but couldn’t get tickets to, Parties Where My Name Was Actually on the Guest List 😉  Amazing Photos and Videos to come.

As it happens, I’ll be continuing on to VIFF (the Vancouver International Film Festival) next, as well as at the Opening of Proud in Toronto, so there will be much more to cover.

Today I just want to give a heartfelt and loving HEY to every Barrista and “customer service” pro working in downtown Toronto during TIFF.

First of all, for everyone else-  leave more Tips.  Please.  These guys might seem stressed, or be rushed right now, but they have good reason.  And most of them are busy working, so they’re not even getting to see the films they are busting their butts to serve large crowds for.

While the rest of us are drooling over Johnny Depp and bouncing into movie theatres to watch the incredible diversity of films out there- I’m noticing a trend.  As I stop for my latte, (yes I still drink coffee, I find it grounding and it is a childhood comfort thing- I also drink tea and lots of groovy new agey things too, it’s all about balance 😉

I ask every time if they’ve had a chance to see any films.  I end up with sheepish face and the words “I’ve been working”.

And sure, they are getting paid wonderful minimum wages to pick up after us and make the perfect half-caf double shot decaf latte with 1.5% milk and 2 squirts of caramel but it’s still a nice gesture.  Barristas never get tipped enough (says the one time ex-barrista).

“Art is ….. “

As some of you know, it is my passion to express my spirituality and inner nature through the creative force- I believe that the spiritual force/chi/god or the universal force, also is the same force which creates great art.  The difference is the message, the way in which we choose to connect with this force.  Creative and spiritual paths often merge, and our creative tools and art forms, and our technology gives us new ways of expressing and exploring our inner selves and potential.

My goal is always to support and serve those I work with to find and bring out their own inner truth and not to impose an idea on them.  Because I believe we each have a blueprint inside of ourselves that we are here to live and that you- yes you!- have a unique purpose here that is your reason for being at this time now.

Creative tools and expression of inner self can be a powerful way of connecting with spirit, and of allowing your spiritual nature, intuition and inner artist or diva out without having to impose a specific methodology or way of being.

This gives us the ability to be free to find our own authentic expression of our divine purpose, and spirit. 🙂  And this is why I love films and am such a passionate advocate of teaching not only how to heal and grow in deeply spiritual and profound inner ways, but also how to use the tools of creative expression and how to harness our technology for positive change and to express your personal voice.

Love and Aloha Always


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