Trumping our Collective Death Wish

Trumping our Collective Death Wish

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Dear Earthly One…..

Yes, I mean all of us, the living sentient ball of earth in the sky, and all of her many parts.

Today is our fork in the road day, possibly to become our fork in the wall day, and there is something I’ve been wanting to talk with you about for a really long time.

Now we see but a dim reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known. (NIV 1 Corinthians 13)

Here’s the thing…

In December 1968, we saw an image of ourselves from space for the first time in human history.

We saw our own face in a mirror looking back at us through the emptiness of a lifeless void. This, and other images taken from the 1940’s onward were a revelation that has birthed many movements.

With this new vision, we are puzzling out how to breathe together while wrestling with the knowledge that we are such tiny parts of a giant living creature that we are invisible from space. Individual people are part of the earth’s physiology, each of us a single cell with a unique purpose. And each cell in turn made of of many cells, a never ending fractal of life.

Our individual self-cells are connecting and becoming a cohesive whole. We are neurons creating new neural pathways and using technology to house the body of this new improved brain.

During this process we are making manifest and visible unconscious aspects of our collective psyche.

Looking at the big picture, if I didn’t know better I would say that our personality is emerging as a dangerously ill teenage girl having a fantasy about what would happen if she killed herself. It’s all so overblown, bizarre and dramatic. A moody but satirical dystopian sci-fi story in HD.

There are so many individual parts of US on both sides of the political aisle that believe the world is ending, in fact are waiting to be proven right in this belief. Part of our consciousness is happy to choose a candidate like Trump who looks like a potential anti-Christ ready to blow us all up, be an eco-destroyer and finish off any chance of turning things around.

This election and the events happening in US show that we, the Earthly One, have moved beyond suicidal thoughts into contemplating action. We are choosing a guide to help us soothe our inner pain.

Our entertainment complex has evolved into the aura of our collective unconscious. Our media have become modern shaman sharing what we are doing with our power, what we focus on and are learning, presenting our stories as news and entertainment. But all of it is a creation of our brain spinning stories, quite literally a monkey mind.

If enough of us believe we are in hell, we can make it so. If enough of you want to see the end of the world come, either through environmental devastation, or through armageddon or nuclear holocaust, it will be so. I fear for you, for the formless voices in the world around you that tell you we are at the end, that you are about to be proven right in your faith and rewarded in some way, rescued perhaps by a messiah, who will take you to the place of perfect peace and prosperity, after vanquishing your foes.

I love our world so much, and it hurts my heart to know that almost half of us feel like saying “Fuck it, let’s snuff it. We’re tired of being here.” I know many of you are heading to the polls to cast a vote and there are very strong views of who is right and who is wrong in this election. I have empathy for every one of you who is angry and hurting and who thinks that a vote for Trump is a vote for shaking up the status quo.

Yes, change is needed. Yes it hurts and the drugs are no longer dulling the pain. But please consider, that there’s breaking up the status quo, and there’s putting a knife to your wrists and cutting them open, while dousing yourself in oil and setting yourself on fire and finishing yourself off by shooting yourself in the head.

Our nervous system is overwhelmed with the energy needed to follow this saga as it happens. So much poison has become visible in our collective bodhi this year — we need time to find the source of the ugliness and treat it, to soothe the inflammation that is getting worse each day.

Maybe we’ve lost faith in our healers, and our doctors and experts and those we identify as leaders who are supposed to fix this. But we must keep faith in our own self, and hold on.

World leaders, including the Dalai Lama and the Pope have made their stance clear. The spectre of a new brand of Hitler looms, one with nuclear weapons and tiny itchy trigger fingers. Our singers and storytellers are going all out in one giant dance party to get the message across that this is our last chance to halt what is happening.

But despite all logic, and evidence of the cost of a Trump presidency not just in the US of All, but for the world itself, a fever that has taken over, a kind of reactionary zeal that eats away at all attempts to appeal to decency, integrity and humanity in those it consumes.

It’s an auto-immune reaction, caused by a system so stressed out that a bunch of white blood cells are convinced the very things we need for survival, like sunlight, and trees, love and respect for each other are poison and killing us and all must be destroyed.

Our poor fevered body can not discern the difference between what will heal us, and what will kill us. An immune system that is supposed to protect us is running amok, and it hurts our heart to beat.

Here’s the thing world. I deeply, madly and honestly love you. I don’t really like you all that much at the moment, because it’s so painful to breathe but I adore you with every part of me that exists and in every way that’s possible. This life we live is impossible to explain, and so perfect it is a miracle. Even when it is hard, painful and confusing.

How can I share with you the experience of knowing that your life has value, that all of the life here has value? How can I reach out and give you the feeling of being fully, completely loved in this moment — that nothing you do or do not do, or believe or think or feel changes that state of grace you live in?

How can I convey to you that we are living in this state of grace together. This is our Paradise. All of us have seen this vision — it is not a secret, it has been revealed to us all.

The only thing that stops us from experiencing it, is our own fear.

Trump is an illusion. He’s the devil making you believe you are trapped in a prison. He is loud, he is a mirror for your greatest fears, but he is smoke and mirrors.

There is nothing under his facade but your own projected image.

That is why the media speaks so loudly about him, why so much energy and time has been focused on taking down his opponent through death by a thousand paper cuts. It’s all just words, a kind of black magic spell he is weaving to convince you he is going to save your soul, while he traps you in a ghost of a dying machine. At any moment you can step outside of his chains of fear and hatred and tear down the walls you are building in a moment if you choose.

The only peace that exists is in your heart. From there come actions you take in the name of love — and through those actions peace grows. There is no master who can create perfect peace without you surrendering your own anger and hatred. Such a thing is impossible and would break the laws of heaven.

A single man can not fix this, no matter what he has built, how much money he has, or how powerful he is. If you give your power away to him, he will crush you with the weight of his illusions.

More than any other thing what we need right now is the ability to work on solving those issues, and grown ups who truly understand what we are facing and can sit down at a round table and talk through possible solutions. Learn how to speak to each other, to breathe together as one being.

If you believe that Hillary is part of a broken system and can’t change anything, consider all of the things we can do with more time, and all of the people working on the planet right now to find solutions to some of the worlds most pressing problems that are truly outside of that system and have the power to create lasting change.

At worst she will maintain the status quo, while having created a benchmark for women’s rights by being the first woman president.

We require a collective and collaborative series of actions. And this vote is simply the first of many choices.

I hope.

I know our top minds around the world are working on it. Time is what we need to heal, and to grow together. To diagnose the problem. We truly want to be well. Don’t give up. Not today.

Understand that no matter what we choose something will die in the world. Can we choose to let our fears of what is possible die and allow the future to unfold without all of our baggage and history dragging us down?

We are breathing together every moment and we are thinking together.

This new understanding is both brand new and ancient. It’s a sacred existence that washes away everything we understand about ourselves.

Fun fact, aware is an anagram for we are.

My heart hurts for everyone in this situation, but my mind is full of the wonder of what is possible if we choose it. I know that a new birth is happening all around us.

So for today, while I watch our monkey mind spin, having cast my own ballot into the collective I’ll be thinking of you and sending love. I’m holding space for you.

Just remember to breathe.

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls the butterfly. ~Richard Bach

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    • Hi Bill. I’m amused by your comment. I’m not exactly a fox news fan. A bit truthy for my taste. But to each their own. Personally I’d suggest a variety of reading material and sources to avoid media bias. Thanks for the encouragement tho! I’ll try to write more on my thoughts about what’s happening with this situation.

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