A Spicey Update

A Spicey Update

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The dichotomy between a some lefties’ desire for everyone to have rights, and their equal desire for all people who support them to have a level of moral purity which surpasses buddha, always amazes me.

Let’s talk about Spicey (aka Sean Spicer).   At the Emmy’s.  GASP.   The New York Times is outraged.  Fans of Colbert are furious.  “How dare he??!! We feel so betrayed…… “

There are hundreds of comments on various articles and youtube videos about this.

So here’s what I don’t understand friends on the Left….. the whole thing is political, exquisitely devious and subversive….. Spicer, was the cornerstone of the Trump government from the get go as Trump’s mouthpiece, and (add your vile thing here).

This man represented something very specific, and he very publicly admits with his performance that his statements about crowd size were a joke and not true.  He’s been co-opted by Colbert into satirizing his own government.

Someone from the Trump circle just wandered over to the Liberal bastion of culture critics and played himself on TV, mocking the government he worked for.   It is a badly needed move.    

That is what we call a win.    

Let’s not even get into the fact that there’s something inherently honourable about inviting the people you lampoon and satirize to events where you reward those who are making fun of them.

And that in terms of representing the right wing – he was really the only one from that government present.    

When someone is “born again” on the right and converts they celebrate and throw a party.   

I think we are getting the idea of boycotting products/companies and others who do things we do not support mixed up.   If we boycott a company or personality and then then repent their wicked ways and convert because they see that they are sinners – then we reward them.   That’s how psychology works.   Human brain needs reward for more of the same behaviour.    

This attitude that if you do any one thing, or even a bunch of things that are not good that you are the devil is useless.   It basically makes enemies of everyone, including many people who might support you if you were more tolerant.

I’m not defending Spicer.   I’m just saying that is was an amazing and astute political move that coopted someone very tied to Trump’s image as president, and ….

That’s some crazy Judo.    

Often people on the left turn around and stab those who try to join us, heck, we stab our own leaders and our own icons for not being perfect all the time.    So with love and respect I would just ask if you could please get a sense of humour.  Also no one is fucking perfect.   Get over it.   

When someone offers you their hand – when they help your cause and come over to your side- especially when it’s someone who has been a part of the inner circle that you want to take down…..

Fucking say thank you.

That is all.


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