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Untitled Box Experiment: In process

Untitled Box Experiment: In process

About the Process

Paintings as you know, have their own quirks and personalities, they are characters with their own souls and heartbeats – I make a point of listening to what they have to say and drawing out the story – if anything I use paints to sculpt their being on canvas.    

This one is currently in process.   But the core purpose is to experiment with painting another, more functional three dimensional box.    I’m intrigued by working with shapes, it adds new depth and dimension to the whole painting experience.   Also, having a painting that is different depending on how you look at it is something I’ve enjoyed experimenting with.  Currently part of the learning for me comes in by adding the element of how the design will serve the function.

I started painting at home, in Victoria BC, during a period where I am getting ready to start a new chapter for myself, finishing my website and really working on my identity as an artist and how I present myself to the world.  Perhaps the box will become a metaphor for that 🙂

This is my first box!   So far it’s a pretty intriguing proposition.  Parts of the painting come into focus or leave my awareness as I move it around to paint different sides.   As I switch colours I stop and take in the whole picture and get a feel for where to go next and what part of the box is calling me.

I also have recently started working with gesso.   I’ve never bothered before, but for wood it seemed apropos.   And as with the previous Festival of Dreams . I’m experimenting with paint pens as a way to work while on the road – also although my hands have resumed working again for the most part I find the paint pens do better fine detail/lines.    Paint pens rock.   I’m also working through how to paint/complete the inside of the box – but more on that later.

In general, I’m sure there will be more to add as I progress.   And there will definitely be more boxes. 🙂


It’s an experiment 🙂 I look forward to seeing h0w it evolves.

Love and blessings,



Painting in Victoria, BC

with finishing touches in …?

Each song represents a colour in the painting.   Songs are in the listening order used while painting.  For this project I randomized the music and stuck with songs that resonated – no pre-selection.

Colour chart and playlist.

  • What You Believe In, Take That (white underlayer)
  • Come Away to the Water (feat. Rozzi Crane), Maroon 5 (yellow)
  • Trilogy: Angels Unaware, Michael W. Smith  (yellow)
  • Everything is Ending, Chameleon Circuit  (0range)
  • A Thousand Miles, Bellflower (purple)
  • To Be Determined…..

Oracle of Music

I use the music like a mantra and focusing tool – and will listen to the same song until it puts me into an altered state.   

So if you’re interested in the process I went through, or would like to use the painting as a jumping off point for your own journeys, I’ve included a playlist for you.  (it’s on 8tracks.com).   You can listen to the music and look at the painting – or if you’re really interested in exploring feel free to use it as a working soundtrack.  I have a couple of techniques I use to get into a meditative state, but you really just need to listen to and be one with the music and work through the process.    

For this painting I randomized my music library, and chose a colour.  I would skip songs until one resonated and then listened to a song until I finished working with that colour.   For example, Everything is Changing by Chameleon Circuit is orange – so I let the music fill me up and picked the colour that fit the music – then painted to that song on repeat until finished.     

The last two songs of the set I always use as “finishing” music – when I get there that will be when I clarify, clean up and highlight/add any needed fine details.    

The playlist didn’t have a specific intention – and is probably more about my state of mind at the moment while I wrestle with some questions about identity and moving forward day to day.    The music had to really call to me or it didn’t get used – the whole idea behind this box is to experiment with painting a box, so that was really the underlying intention.  I’m sure as I finish this one there will be more to say.

Painted in Victoria BC

In process

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