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Day two….. who, what, where, and always why. Working on how.

Day two….. who, what, where, and always why.  Working on how.

So a couple of interesting things today:


Got my patreon receipt for the month – a little coolness I feel great about – I’m supporting a few different creators at low levels rather than one at a larger level, so I can support more people.   :).  Yes I support my own podcast.

Have I made any money for bookoftarot.com yet?  No.   Partially that’s because I’ve chosen to make my charge per video, not per month.   I am reconsidering that decision, based on the amount of work involved however, and may bounce it by my two awesome subscribers.   Seriously, if you’re not supporting my pet project – you’re missing out! Go check it out here:  www.bookoftarot.com   

Jason Colby gave Mark some amazing kudos on twitter if you missed it:

Reminder Our film is going to be in San Fransisco – and so will we!   Going to be a hoot and I can’t wait to see it on the big screen again.


    • Getting all of our files for the Skaana podcast onto a drive for one of our amazing interns Chantelle – wow we’ve accomplished a lot, and I spend too much time focused on what I am doing in the future and not celebrating in the present.   We do good things!!
    • Also for Skaana: getting organized for the next few podcasts – we have Julia barnes, Aube Jiroux, and Lori Marino all coming up. I have so much gratitude for the people who help us day in and out to make it happen.
    • Dinner at bin4 and still managed to stay on my diet (they are so yummy)
    • I doodled ….

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    • Book of Tarot is ongoing, got swept up in writing tonight and spent a good part of my night finishing a section of the faq.  (Available from my site but only for those who are subscribed to my patreon account).   Had a technical issue with page structure and that’s delayed sharing a link to the writing, but hey that’s what tomorrow is for!
    • I started organizing my office early this week, as I continue the great purge of 2018, and I started going through my bookshelf, which has lead to many piles of books, and general chaos.    Sigh.   It will get better.   

What am I thinking about:

End of the world thinking and the Jewish messiah: because wow does the Christian messiah deviate from the original Jewish version.    And I personally believe that end of the world thinking, as a result of prophecy will probably be the end of us in a giant self-fulfilling prophecy.   I’d like to cancel this out and shift our collective focus.

Water and sugar in the body:  in case you don’t know – sugar amplifies negative energy.  Water is a conductor for the impulses that fire our energy bodhi, so being well hydrated my increase your ability to be psychic/intuitive.   This is an ongoing study, just throwing it out there – but I will share research at another time.

Crystals I need to get my hands on: howlite (I call it giggle stone), malachite (I have had it on my wish list forever)

Political thoughts:

The change in Trump’s diet lead to some interesting water cooler chat about all of the jokes that can’t be told about this because some people might take them seriously and start a new conspiracy theory.    I can’t say more ;). But there are so many untapped jokes at this moment it’s painful not to tell them.   #thingsIdoforhumanity

Really enjoyed Alec Baldwin’s tweets today – from @ABFalecbaldwin

It was an errand day, and as a result I now have a giant sucky spirit cat who is demanding I give her my full attention.  Typing with one hand is still too much distraction for her.   Writing this in fits and starts as I am intensely cuddled by the great white one.   Also if you’re into adorable cats, today’s cute story is that we took pirate queen Frejya out with us running errands because she loves travelling and made a quick stop at a new pet store…..

Only to arrive home and find that rather than missing us, Saga was having a fabulous spa day, and was sprawled out on the bed like a boss.   We do this sometimes to give them a some time out , and both of them love their version of the adventure.    

No specifics, but I have amazing people in my life and I am awash in gratitude for our amazing conversations.  :). You know who you are.

Slowly getting through my giant list for the day, must get back to organizing!   Have to keep an eye on what I’m writing, or this will take over and leave me no time to actually, you know, do stuff.   Will be interesting to see how I handle the challenge. If your’e reading this and want to give me a public bump to keep me on track that would rock – if even one person is reading this, it means I have to keep it up. 🙂

Wishing you Peace and Noodles,


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