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“If a person doesn’t say much do they really blog at all?”

Today is really a non day – mostly trying to recharge and plan meals for the week.   Also breathe and not be whiney because I feel terrible.    

Starting to get ready for San Fransisco, and also try to take some recharge time today.   

Random thing I’m up to:

Poopourri recipe:

Just for fun, I made a batch of homemade poopourri, to see if it worked, instead of spending $10 for something I could make in 5 min with ingredients I have at home.   It totally works! 

And it’s a great way to get rid of old or unused essential oils.   I’ve had to change what oils I use at home because cats are very sensitive to essential oils and citrus is toxic to them as are a number of other plants.   Just finished using up the first batch, and I need to make more.   So along with adding it to my to-do list, here’s a link the recipe I based mine on (I didn’t use food colouring fyi, and it really isn’t needed).


That’s all for today – there could be more, but I’m stockpiling some thoughts in case this not feeling well thing takes over my week.   So you’ll just have to check back later.  Na na na.

You go you!  Be fabulous today, it’s monday.


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