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Late Night Commentary: Las Vegas Shooting

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When the news about the mass shooting in Las Vegas happened, the largest mass shooting in US history, I was unplugged from the internet and social media in particular working like mad on our next…

A Spicey Update

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The dichotomy between a some lefties’ desire for everyone to have rights, and their equal desire for all people who support them to have a level of moral purity which surpasses buddha, always amazes me.…

People are dying on our watch. Right now. #bcpoli

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Deathwish Won. Hope Zero.

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(originally published nov 9, 2016 on Today I’m making cinnamon buns, and napping and playing with my cats and drinking really good coffee. And I’m not taking a mental health day — I’m taking a life…

Trumping our Collective Death Wish

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(originally published now 8, 2016 on Dear Earthly One….. Yes, I mean all of us, the living sentient ball of earth in the sky, and all of her many parts. Today is our fork in…