Learn to channel earth healing energy with an experienced Reiki Master committed to ethical, holistic practice…

 This 8 Week workshop welcomes beginners, hobbyists, and aspiring Reiki practitioners

The workshop includes course materials and practice time for all students. Students will train with Rayne Benu, a Karuna, Usui/Tibetan and Tera Mai Reiki master practiced in many alternative therapies, who is committed to teaching an ethical, holistic healing practice. 


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Reiki Level One Usui/Tibetan Eight Week Series 

What You’ll Learn in Reiki Level One (Sneak Peek)

Train with an experienced Reiki Master committed to ethical holistic practice

  • What is Reiki?
  • Principles of Reiki and a practitioner’s code of ethics
  • Reiki Mythology vs. Reiki History
  • Empathic Communication for day to day interactions
  • Talking to clients- basic conversational techniques
  • How to develop your private practice, legalities and the ethics of practice, practitioner and client evaluation tools
  • Students who take Reiki One may take the course again at any time for free

Practice and Theory in Reiki

  • Channeling Reiki – What it means, tuning into earth energy.
  • The seven power centers and the human energy system
  • What is energy? How do blocks happen? Assessment tools
  • Scientific and spiritual balance, latest scientific research
  • Japanese Reiki Techniques
  • The importance of self-treatment

**Note: This course uses manuals from the International Center for Reiki training and the instructor is a Professional Member of the ICRT Association.  

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Meet the Instructor

Rayne Benu meets Ram Dass in Haiku, Maui.

In 2007, Rayne Benu was introduced as “one of Vancouver’s Top Psychics” on the CFOX Radio morning show.  She has worked with hundreds of people, to help support them in finding and walking authentic and integral, spiritual and personal life paths.

Rayne has been a Reiki Master Teacher since 2005.  She is a Reiki Master in the Tera Mai, Usui/Tibetan and Karuna Reiki systems and is a Professional member of the International Center for Reiki Training. 

Rayne has formal training in Counselling Psychology through the Vancouver College of Counsellor Training.  A life-long intuitive and empath, she has been teaching meditation since she was thirteen years old – which was about the same time she was hit by lightning.

Rayne has practiced and worked as a youth leader and Christian missionary, a Pagan High Priestess, a Shaman and was initiated as a Sacred Sister of the Dao in 2007.   

She is also a passionate environmentalist and award winning cinematographer, who films the Southern Resident Orcas for documentary and has been featured on LA Talk Radio with Captain Paul Watson.    Rayne produces the Skaana podcast, which explores critical issues facing our oceans today.   She is committed to protecting and cherishing our living world and expanding human understanding of non-human animals on the planet as persons with free will, culture and sentience.

At 22 she self-published “The Enlightened Tarot” and founded West Coast Center for Enlightenment in 2006.  She has also studied Yoga, The Tao, Buddhism and Martial Arts, Five Rhythms, Qi Gong and Shamanism, among other disciplines in her path to personal healing and a broader understanding of the human spirit and spirituality.

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What does Reiki have to do with everyday life?

It’s no secret that the world we live in today can leave us feeling achey, empty, frustrated, fatigued, ill, depressed, depleted and generally disconnected — perhaps from ourselves, each other, or from the spirit with which we want to live.

Reiki, or Universal Life Energy — is a powerful, life-giving force: it is an energy that flows through the earth and through every part of it, including each one of us.   

Each of us is born with the ability to channel Reiki, but most of us become separated from our own energetic connection with the universe as we get older.

Many of us have no frame of reference to even understand our own energy field and how it connects with the universe, let alone be aware of having these energies blocked within us. But even if we aren’t aware of our “energy blocks” in those words, we know their symptoms intimately.

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How Can Reiki Help You?

Reiki healing is not the therapy to end all therapies. Medical specialists, counselors, massage therapists etc. are all important. However, Reiki — the ability to channel universal life energy — is an integral part of our being, and connecting with it can create very powerful changes within one’s life.

(Note: This Reiki course will explore scientific research that studies that effects of Reiki upon those initiated).

Nearly every disease reflects a part of one’s energy that has become stagnant, and disconnected from the universal flow. This unmoving, stuck energy (a block) is a component of discomfort or disease — mental, physical, emotional, spiritual. Bringing a healing, natural flow back into the stuck energy, and being open to receive it, is a vital part of the healing process. This is why “tuning in” to the flow Reiki can significantly assist in situations as diverse as:

  • Addictions or a reliance on substances like cigarettes, alcohol, drugs
  • Cancer
  • Detoxification routines and creating a healthier lifestyle
  • Chronic Fatigue, and complex illnesses like Lyme disease
  • Depression, Eating disorders, Bipolar disorder or other mental illnesses
  • Stuck-in-a-rut projects, businesses, relationships
  • A general, nagging sense of dissatisfaction with one’s life
  • Creative work, artistic projects and performance anxiety
  • Developing relationships with others both in person, and online, including with non-human animals
  • Feeling like you’re putting in a colossal effort and seeing little results

Rayne has used Reiki with the above conditions and many others during her years of practice.

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What difference does it make whether I can channel Reiki or not?

After becoming initiated to Reiki, the entire framework of your life may evolve as positive changes unfold into your life.  This can happen in many different ways and is different for each person, but might include

  • Ended, renewed or new relationships — in love, friendship, family or career
  • Shifts in energy level and physiological functioning
  • Changes in residence, new career paths opening, new opportunities
  • A gained sense of calm and clarity, even amidst upheaval

Not everyone is ready to move into a different life, even if it is closer to their dream life. Sometimes ruts are comfortable, and that’s okay. When you are initiated, the changes that occur within your life will only be those you are open to receiving — in other words, you are not a passive recipient of the flow of Reiki.
It is impossible for Reiki to harm or hurt anyone — that means that while becoming tuned in, you can practice Reiki on yourself, your family, your pets, your plants, your food as much and as often you like, knowing you can do them nothing but good!

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Reiki Level One Usui/Tibetan Six Week Series 

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