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Just a doodle…. happy Tuesday!

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Watching the Oscars….. Happy Tuesday, be super awesome! Rayne


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“If a person doesn’t say much do they really blog at all?” Today is really a non day – mostly trying to recharge and plan meals for the week.   Also breathe and not be…

Forget the Russia takeover…… someone figure out when it was that all of the friends I text with regularly, were taken over by bitmoji…

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Is this because of snapchat?  I barely use it, because the idea of messages that disappear is contrary to my needs after I talk to people.  I want to be able to see what was…

Day two….. who, what, where, and always why. Working on how.

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So a couple of interesting things today: Generally: Got my patreon receipt for the month – a little coolness I feel great about – I’m supporting a few different creators at low levels rather than…

A new daily update! Same great taste, more filling!

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I’m sitting here, with my cat Saga (who I usually call my great white spirit cat) purring next to me on the couch, starting to decompress from my day and breathe, and get ready to…

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