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TIFF Travel Notes and A Moment for Meditation: Saturday September 15, 2012

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For my Toronto Friends, come to my workshop on the 19th!!  Healing 101 will be a great experience.  Positive, powerful and with great tools to take home for how to clear blocks and activate your…

Tav’s Travel Notes: TIFF Talkback for “Love is All You Need” and thoughts on when love is not enough…..

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Technically this post “should” be about the amazing Gala for Love is All You Need.  But another situation has come up as I have been writing, which speaks to such a fundamental lacking of love,…

Tav’s Travel Notes: TIFF NOTE #2, Mon Sept 10, 2012. @TIFF_NET

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**Note: There is a bit of a time delay for posting at the moment due to needing spaces where I can upload video to the web.  Love and aloha xo There is a funny but…

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